Rivadeneyra, Treviño y De Campo S.C.


Mexico, D.F., Mexico

Insurgentes Sur 688 2o piso, 201-A Col. del Valle Del. Benito Juárez
CP03100, Mexico, D.F.

T +525590002332 F+525590002331


Website: http://rtydc.com/

Lawyers 25 (Partners 11)

International Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Foreign Investment, Environmental Law, Franchising, Employment and Labour Law, Business Litigation, Real Estate, Tax Law, Immigration Law and Contracts.

5 Equity Partners (included in the overall Partners) Languages: Spanish, English, and German.

Professional Contacts

María Bárbara Albarran López

Jesus González Sampedro

Fernando E. Rivadeneyra Núñez

Fernando A. Treviño Nuñez

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