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Cardiff, Thursday, 15 September 2016 - Sunday, 18 September 2016


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Message from Paul Hopkins, Geldards LLP, Cardiff

Unfortunately over the period of the IBLC AGM in Cardiff rail travellers will face disruption as works take place to electrify the Severn Rail Tunnel which links England to Wales. The closure of the tunnel will be the longest closure of the 130-year-old tunnel for at least 50 years. High speed trains from London to South Wales will still run but will be diverted between Swindon and Newport increasing journey times by approximately an hour or more. Usual journey time is 2 hours so it will increase to 3+ hours.

Alternative options include flying in and out of Cardiff Airport via Amsterdam with KLM/Air France or if coming from the US via Dublin on Aer Lingus. A further attractive option to consider is flying in and out of London City Airport. Details are as follows:

Fly to London during Severn Tunnel Rail closure

Direct flights will operate between Cardiff Airport and London City Airport during the closure of the Severn Tunnel railway, scheduled for 12 September - 21 October. Four return flights will operate Monday to Friday with two return flights on Saturdays & Sundays. The service will be operated by Flybe and will provide a fast, convenient and affordable transport solution for those travelling between south Wales and south west or south east England.

Why fly?

Choosing to fly to London could save you around 2 hours journey time when compared to travelling by rail and around 1 hour by road; and with low cost fares from £25.25 each way inclusive of taxes and charges, there’s more than one great reason to fly.

Flights from Cardiff Airport (CWL) – London City Airport (LCY)
Early Morning Flights
Monday – Thursday:
(CWL) 05:55 - (LCY) 06:50
(CWL) 06:05 - (LCY) 07:00
Day Flights
Monday – Friday:
(CWL) 09:20 - (LCY) 10:15
(CWL) 13:55 - (LCY) 14:50
(CWL) 18:45 - (LCY) 19:40
(CWL) 07:45 - (LCY) 08:40
(CWL) 10:45 - (LCY) 11:40
(CWL) 13:55 - (LCY) 14:50
(CWL) 17:35 - (LCY) 18:30
Flights from London City Airport (LCY) - Cardiff Airport (CWL)
Early Morning Flights
Monday – Thursday:
(LCY) 07:30 - (CWL) 08:35
(LCY) 07:30 - (CWL) 08:30
Day Flights
Monday – Friday:
(LCY) 10:45 - (CWL) 11:55
(LCY) 15:20 - (CWL) 16:25
(LCY) 20:10 - (CWL) 21:15
(LCY) 09:10 - (CWL) 10:15
(LCY) 12:10 - (CWL) 13:15
(LCY) 15:20 - (CWL) 16:25
(LCY) 19:00 - (CWL) 20:05

To book or find out more, visit the Flybe website.

Alternatively, if flying into Heathrow it is possible to rent a car or travel by bus (although the latter can be time consuming – as much as 4 hours!). Driving to or from Heathrow would take around 2-2.5 hours. There are also many transfer/shuttle/taxi options that can be found online. You may also wish to consider TMC Group who are chauffeurs Geldards use at times. Their details are:
TMC Group
Tel: 02920 625 193 Fax: 02920 395453 Mobile: 07774 274866
E mail: Web:”

Hope that this is of assistance. Kind regards, Paul M. Hopkins, Partner, Dispute Resolution, For and on behalf of Geldards LLP


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