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Milan, Italy

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Cajola & Associati

Domestic and International Contracts, Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate, Corporate Finance, Commercial Transactions, Real Estate, Banking, Taxation, Corporate Restructuring, Construction, Intellectual and Industrial Property, Aviation and EU Law.

Cajola & Associati has a tradition of excellence as to the quality of the legal services provided to our clients. Established in Milan in 1966 by Avvocato Alberto Cajola, the Firm is a domestic and international general legal practice. Our clients are public and privately held industrial, commercial as well as financial businesses, involved in complex corporate and financial transactions and dispute resolution proceedings. Our team of professionals have developed a specific expertise in takeovers and mergers, and in the buying and selling of businesses. As well, the Firm assists its clientele on subject matters involving regulatory compliance and periodic mandatory filings before the main Public Bodies (UIC, ISVAP, CONSOB and Banca d’Italia). In addition, Cajola & Associati provides specialized and general legal representation in any kind of Civil and Commercial litigation on matters as such as Labor Law, Agency, Distributorship, as well as Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, Patent & Trademark right enforcement, Media Law, Transport & Insurance, Product Liability and Arbitration. The Firm’s business litigation lawyers represent and defend throughout the Country private and public companies, business entities and individuals on a wide range of claims involving commercial transactions and issues of corporate law. By way of example, we have assisted our clients in several cases involving the formation, operation, valuation or dissolution of corporations, joint ventures and consortia. Also, our team of IP lawyers deals with major cases relating to the enforcement and prosecution of trademark and patent rights, copyrights, industrial design and web domain name rights on behalf of both domestic and foreign IP right-holders.In this area, we advise companies with the implementation of preventative strategies aiming at protection of their IP rights against infringement and unfair competition, representing them before governmental authorities and custom administrations and coordinating, if necessary, an activity of intelligence within the national territory and abroad. Moreover, the Firm advises and represents companies and individuals on legal matters regarding properties and estates situated in Italy or affected by domestic law. Furthermore, we provide legal counselling and representation on any aspect of the areas of labour, Employment & industrial relations regulating relationship with personnel. In this area, the firm enjoys a broad experience in collective and individual labour related claims, social security claims, and arbitration proceedings concerning employees and managers. Our primary commitment has always been the devotion to giving legal assistance and representation of the highest quality to our clients. We accomplish this purpose within the perspective that legal problems are essentially business problems for our clients. Within this perspective, our assistance consists in giving them practical advices and fast responses, anticipating their needs.

Our office in Milan has 9 lawyers (3 partners).

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Cajola & Associati
Via G. Rossini, 5
20122 Milan, Italy


T: +390276003305
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Cajola & Associati, Milan

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