The Alpers & Stenger Partnership became Alpers & S

We have decided, as one of the first medium-sized partnerships in Germany, to change our legal form as of April 1, 2010. The Alpers & Stenger partnership became Alpers & Stenger LLP. With this step, we shall also be simplifying the cooperation with our cl

In an increasingly internationalized market, the requirements for business and advisory activities are also changing. In recent years, Alpers & Stenger has been constantly developing and improving its consulting and business activities, particularly in the international environment. With the transformation of its legal form into a Limited Liability Partnership, Alpers & Stenger is adjusting to market demands, simplifying cooperation with its international and internationally active clients and, at the same time, increasing its future viability. Moreover, Alpers & Stenger is satisfying its own demand for a forward-looking consulting firm that is not only using the benefits of this future-oriented legal form; it is also simultaneously advancing its development. Alpers & Stenger is based in Hamburg. The firm provides a wide range of services, including m & a, taxation advice, auditing, and legal services including litigation.

Posted by Gernot Stenger

2011-01-19 06:39:32