Maravela & Asociatii strategic partner of the Nati

Maravela & Asociatii is a strategic partner at the third edition of the National Antifraud and Anticorruption Conference, organized by the Romanian National Internal Control Institute, on March 20th, 2017, at Sheraton Hotel in Bucharest.

With the topic Effective Management of the Antifraud and Anticorruption Systems, the professional event aims at increasing the knowledge and contributing to the proper implementation of the adequate measures in order to efficiently and effectively prevent corruption and fraud in both public and private sectors.

Alongside Maravela & Asociatii`s law practitioners, the conference speakers are both international and local experts, professionals with extensive expertise in multidisciplinary areas, having top specializations and certifications, having a clear vision of the best ways to implement and monitor the an adequate and effective antifraud and anticorruption management system.

Currently at its third edition, the National Antifraud and Anticorruption Conference, a landmark event of the Institute, aims to organize a debate within a framework of constructive and interactive dialogue, consisting of ideas, interests and topics concerning best practices on antifraud and anticorruption management. The professional event is addressed to all those working in the field or who are interested in these topics, understanding that fraud is a universal phenomenon that can occur at any time, entailing profound consequences, in various forms.” Cosmin Serbanescu, President, Romanian National Internal Control Institute.

” We are attending for the second year in a row the National Antifraud and Anticorruption Conference, being convinced from the previous edition about the quality of the event regarding speakers, topics approached and attendees. I am convinced that a good knowledge of corruption prevention and control mechanisms is essential in managing a clean and healthy business, regardless the field of activity.  This is why I am happy that Maravela & Asociatii is a strategic partner of the Romanian National Internal Control Institute`s Conference.” Gelu Maravela, Managing Partner, Maravela & Asociatii

Further details about the conference, partners, organizers, speakers and topics are available on the official page or the event, here.

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2017-07-13 09:38:51