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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ensures the right of the data subjects to obtain clear and comprehensive information about the purpose and manner in which their personal data are processed.

Applicable to all EU Member States, it will enter into force in Romania on May 25, 2018 and targets all types of entities (private, public, NGOs).

Given these circumstances, Maravela|Asociatii have been called upon to engage in several projects on compliance procedures in preparation for the GDPR. Simultaneously, there is work ongoing on audits and GDPR compliance policies for numerous large-scale clients.

Mihai Buciuman, Managing Associate and co-head of the firm’s data protection practice, recently spoke at the GDPR Professional Forum organized by the National Institute for Internal Control (INCIR) and at the TeCOMM eCommerce Conference & Expo, about the gray and interpretable areas of GDPR, providing ideas and advice on how to optimally implement the new regulation.

Also, the Romanian Online Stores Association (ARMO) requested the firm’s assistance in drafting a GDPR Explanatory Guide, as well as to provide advice to members on punctual issues and compliance programs and to collaborate in the preparation of proposals and opinions on draft normative acts in the field.

„The GDPR brings considerable changes in the protection of personal data, adding new obligations for the processors and substantially increased fines. A good understanding of the GDPR’s provisions and their correct application are thus essential. We have increasing numbers of clients, new or already in our portfolio, asking for our assistance in this field, naturally leading to an exponential increase in our data protection department’s activity.” Alina Popescu, Managing Partner of Maravela|Asociatii

„The GDPR constitutes a real challenge from the perspective of correct interpretation, understanding and implementation, which implies a reconsideration and adjustment of the client’s entire business process of with regard to the collection, processing and storage of data. In order to streamline the GDPR implementation process and minimize the risk of fines, we are happy to be actively involved in this context, not just directly, for our own clients. but also indirectly, by attending various events and putting together professional literature and guides.” Mihai Buciuman, Managing Associate of Maravela|Asociatii

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2017-11-01 02:32:37