Maravela|Asociatii assisted Betty Ice in its sale

Started in 2017, the negotiations were concluded at the end of January 2018, when the Romanian ice cream producer Betty Ice was fully acquired by Unilever South Central Europe.

The sale purchase agreement is subject to regulatory approval by the Romanian competition authorities.

Following the acquisition, Betty Ice will operate as a standalone unit within Unilever and will be led by its founder, Vasile Armenean, acting as General Manager.

The complex legal assistance provided by Maravela|Asociatii to Betty Ice comprises all transaction related aspects, including due diligence, preparing the tender, negotiation of the transaction documents, liaising with the competition authorities.

Maravela|Asociatii’s team assigned to the project consisted of over 10 professionals. Gelu Maravela, Alexandra Rîmbu, Daniel Alexie and Anca Băițan assisted regarding the due diligence process, Gelu Maravela, Alina Popescu, Dana Rădulescu, Alexandra Rîmbu and Mihai Buciuman provided assistance during the negotiation of the transaction documents, whilst Alina Popescu, Alexandra Rîmbu and Magda Grigore assisted with all competition related aspects. Financial and tax assistance was provided by Gelu Maravela, Alexandra Rîmbu and Felix Tapai.

With regards to the financial aspects, Betty Ice was equally assisted by Ernst & Young România, with a team lead by Florin Vasilică and BrinkThink Management, through Florin Cerna, as financial and strategic consultant.



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2018-02-01 03:05:05