Maravela|Asociații assisted Interparking in Acquisition

Maravela|Asociații assisted the Belgian company Interparking in the almost EUR 4 million acquisition of a parking in Timișoara, in the context of the operator’s business expansion in Romania.

Interparking Group is present in 9 countries and in over 360 cities, currently holding 782 units totalizing 355.839 parking spaces, Europewide. In 2016, the group’s turnover was of over EUR 410 million. Interparking holds 4 parkings in Romania, în Bucharest and Timișoara. The P700 parking in Timișoara has a capacity of 520 parking spaces, whilst the parkings in Bucharest have a total of 1.400 parking spaces.

Maravela|Asociații’s team, coordinated by Partner Dana Rădulescu, assisted with regards to due diligence, as well as negotiation and drafting of the transaction documents. „We are glad to be involved in transactions that underline the raised interest of foreign investors, speeding the modernization of the infrastructure and offering practical solutions to everyday problems. Interparking Group intends to further expand its business in the region so we presume that new projects will be announced shortly.” Dana Rădulescu, Partner of Maravela|Asociații


Posted by MPR Partners

2019-05-31 04:34:02