New IBLC Chair: Rick Holzer

Sophie Lagayette hands reins over to Rick Holzer

On the conclusion of IBLC 2019 AGM in Stockholm, on behalf of the Nominations Committee and Council, Carlos Alayza introduced Rick Holzer to succeed Sophie Lagayette as the Chair of IBLC. After the assent of the AGM and expressions of appreciation of Sophie's service, first for four years on the Council and then two as Chair, Rick thanked all the membership, Sophie and Sven Tjarks, whose Council term was expiring.

Rick Holzer joined the IBLC in 2008, and he immediately recognized the personal, professional, and economic potential of being associated with such an amazing group of international professionals. Rick believes that his firm’s involvement in the IBLC presents tangible benefits for himself, his colleagues, and his clients that are not readily available in larger organizations. The IBLC’s size facilitates closer relationships and helps build trust and understanding among members of the IBLC. Rick has been active in several facets of IBLC, such as co-chairing the Intellectual Property Practice Group, serving on the Council, and now succeeding Sophie Lagayette as Chair of the IBLC. He looks forward to seizing opportunities with his IBLC friends.


Posted by Communications Desk

2019-09-20 02:17:53