Trade Conflicts, Brexit & Co: Outlook for the M&A Market 2020


Dark clouds on the horizon of the global economy . Nationalism and protectionism are one the rise. China and the USA are entangled in an open trade conflict with both parties more or less trying to prevent the grand escalation –the effects, however, are still palpable. Also with Brexit,  the big fallout has not materialized so far . However, with the UK's withdrawal from the EU at the end of January, the actual negotiations on future relations have only just begun. It is quite possible that London and Brussels cannot complete the monumental task ahead of them in the required record time and we still end up with a hard Brexit. Meanwhile, economic growth in China is noticeably declining. And climate change is not only forcing the automotive industry to rethink.

Such uncertainties often put a damper on the M&A industry: strategic investors try to avoid risks, and financial investors can speculate on falling prices of takeover targets. But there are also positive aspects.

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Posted by Sven Ufe Tjarks

2020-03-06 09:32:18