The IBLC welcomes New Councillors

Lagayette, Pires, and Gardenswartz join Council

On 10 September 2022,  Sophie Lagayette and Daniel Gardenswartz were elected to the IBLC’s Council. Dan is a first time Councillor while Sophie has previously served on the Council (2013-17). Their two-year terms commenced on Sunday 11 September. Rogério Pires da Silva, also a first-time Councillor, will join them in filling out IBLC’s Council alongside incumbents Paul Hopkins and Kate Toomey (terms until 2023). The Councillors stepping down were Fernando Rivadeneyra (limited after two consecutive terms), Renaud Le Squeren (unable to stand in-person for re-election) and Kathleen Zarb Adami (retired). The IBLC welcomes Rogério, Sophie, and Dan and thanks Kathleen, Renaud and Fernando.


Posted by Communications Desk

2022-09-18 09:32:00